It didn’t happen as slow as I thought it would.
It felt like seconds, and then all of a sudden,
the lights burned brighter; the field bigger than when I first set foot on it.

All of a sudden, the sky emptied itself onto us in the form of gold dust and the rush of the noise danced with my eardrums; it couldn’t keep up with my heartbeat.

All at once, worry abandoned us – floated away on the backs of butterflies, leaving t-shirts on the pitch, sweat soaked cloth and champagne stained skin.

I look around and see men with the hearts of boys who dreamt of this moment, replaying it over and over again in their back yard and I wondered if this is what they imagined it would be like.

I wondered if they thought they could time travel, like me, and if they would go back just to tell themselves about the kind of men they would be.